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The Power of WordPress

The business website became a popular aspect of running a business when the personal computer became normalized. Since then, people have been working on finding the best platform for website design. Time and time again, WordPress has led the pack for versatility and quality of performance. The Lead Elephante is your best option for web design services in Beaverton, Oregon.  

WordPress Website Basics

WordPress offers a couple of versions. One is used primarily for blogging and is super user friendly, but not very efficient for the business. If you’re looking for a personal journal or a hobby craft journal, basic WordPress is a great option. However, if you want to build a powerhouse of performance, you’ll want a tailor-made WordPress website, custom-designed for your needs. 

You can spend years learning how to program WordPress and learn how to optimize it for business use or hire the best web design company out there and still not get the results you desire. That’s where the Lead Elephant team is your go to. We’re ready to help you build the most robust tool in your business arsenal. Based in the Beaverton, Oregon area, we serve businesses locally and worldwide.


Wordpress web design

WordPress Website Details

While there are sites out there that can be used to build a basic website, with drag and drop elements, a trained WordPress designer can customize every aspect and even design new features if available templates don’t fit your vision. 

There are many examples of what WordPress can do for your business. Your website should automate your processes and leave you more time to do what you do best – run your business. Admin work takes far too much time from your hands that could be used to perfect your products or expand your services. 

WordPress Templates

WordPress offers a variety of templates to base your forms off of. You can customize all the fields, create interactive forms, and let your customers build their orders, appointments, and ask questions. Some examples are listed below, but it’s not a comprehensive list by any means.

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Calendar of Events

Incorporating a calendar of events into your website allows clients to see your important events and schedule their involvement with your business around them. This is also a great option if your company operates unusual hours or in multiple places.

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Booking Calendar

Your staff can opt to have their bookings placed online through your website to fill their schedule and ensure they don’t get double-booked for a service. This gives the client more options for scheduling their visit and reduces the time your staff is on the phone coordinating with clients.

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Request Form

You can offer a suggestion or request form. With this, you can get ideas from your clients. This provides the opportunity for your clients to be involved directly in the trend-watching you’ll need to stay ahead of the market curve.

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You can create a full online store through WordPress, complete with automated payment processing, shipping label printing, and fulfillment through a 3rd party if you prefer. This option might take some upkeep, but once it’s set up, and adequate maintenance occurs, you won’t have to worry too much about it from then on.

Lead Elephant Brings Expertise

Lead Elephant has mastered WordPress and continues to grow as new updates and modifications are released. WordPress is a platform that is always evolving with businesses. We are proud to offer web design services to the Portland and Beaverton area, and beyond. We are your PDX Web Design Team. 

Give us a call to discuss your business needs and the options that will best fit your vision. We will match you up with a team member that will make your vision a reality.

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