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How To Really Use Social Media

 Never before have people had such ready access to their friends, family, and favorite businesses. With smartphones and nearly global wi-fi or data services, almost everyone has the world wide web at their fingertips. We’ve also normalized sharing our lives on social media. At any given moment, you can turn on your phone and scroll through Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Snapchat, TikTok, or any number of other social media platforms to see what’s happening in your world. 

Social Media Presence

Today’s consumers speak social media. They use their social media profiles to find everything from the best place to get their car fixed to the best dinner specials for their birthday and everything imaginable in-between. They sell their junk on the marketplace instead of throwing a yard sale, they research businesses before they support them, and even order food through their social presence. 

If your business doesn’t have a social media presence, you’re not likely to see much activity from the tech-savvy demographic. People put their trust in companies with good reviews on Yelp, Facebook, and Google. Without those online reviews, people aren’t able to know ahead of time if they’ll enjoy the product or service you offer. 

Today, social media profiles for businesses give credibility to your company and what you offer. If you have a platform or even if you use several, and if you share regularly, you’ll be able to build a stable and supportive fanbase for your business.


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Social Media and Sales

Most social media platforms have been built to include e-commerce options to help you order products or services from easily navigated apps. Facebook and Instagram now allow you to link your images to your e-comm site, or sell directly from their platform. You can chat directly with customers through messenger and make quite an impression on people with zero physical contact. 

Once you’ve created a following, it’s easy to run flash sales, discount codes, special promotions, and interactive encounters through live video, recordings, and scheduled postings. Many businesses use Facebook Live and Instagram TV to demonstrate their processes and humanize their employees by interacting directly with viewers.

Social Media Marketing Calendar

With social media, your involvement dictates your relevance. This means that you have to post consistently in order to maintain your audience’s attention. However, if you post unrelated content or overpost, you can clutter your potential customer’s newsfeed and be reallocated to “Facebook Jail.”

Creating a social media marketing calendar will make it easier to post relevant content and keep your readers engaged. Planning out your calendar content will also ensure you’re not scrambling for content the day it’s supposed to be published. 

Hiring a social media management team means you’re not focusing on mastering your social media pages. The Lead Elephante professionals know how to work every popular social media platform to direct viewers into your sales funnel.

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Multi-Dimensional Social Media Marketing

Not every social media platform works for every user. Since every user is different, it’s a smart move to be on more than one platform. In recent years, many social media platforms have intertwined to create a more cohesive sharing process. With the right systems in place, you can make a post on one platform, and share it to a dozen others with just a click or two. 

Instead of focusing on how to automate the multi-dimensional social marketing campaign, let Lead Elephant help you set up push-button marketing. Your social media marketing team in Beaverton, OR, is here to help your business thrive. Hiring a marketing team means you don’t need to learn the finicky details of hashtags, keywords, and other information around social media that make most business owners want to throw their devices into the abyss.

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