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Diving Into SEO

Search engine giants, like Bing and Google, use algorithms to determine what websites are relevant enough to show on the first page of their listings. Website designers keep a close watch on these algorithms as they change and evolve to ensure that your site remains relevant. Lead Elephant is your top rated Beaverton, OR, SEO company and can help you achieve the results you need. 

All About Algorithms

Google sets the standard for SEO relevance, as most other search engines follow Google’s lead. In this case, an algorithm is coding that sorts search results to find the best links to give to the searcher. 

According to the SEO Tribunal, Google sifts through 1.3 Million searches per min. That comes to approximately 2 Trillion searches per year. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is the process of putting the right words in the right place in your content to trigger the searches. It’s also good to note that Bing sees nearly as many searches as Google.


Buzzword Bingo

Long ago, the way of being seen online was to start every content page with relevant words. You’d see a string of nonsensical words that might be related to the page topic, or they might have nothing to do with the theme but were trending the day the content was written. Google frowns on that now. The algorithm now counts keyword clusters like this as spam and disregards the link. 

To be seen in Google searches, you need to work on learning Buzzword Bingo or the process of finding valuable ways to incorporate the keywords into the content on your pages. A good SEO company takes the guesswork out of it because they’ve got the skills on board to hit every mark that Google looks for in a post.

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Organic Traffic 

Organic traffic is the best investment you can make in your website and marketing plan in the long run. It is the engagement of readers with your content through then finding your business without ads. This is where using SEO becomes vital. 

Working on your SEO will bring you organic traffic far longer than paid ads, and building a network of backlinks will strengthen your organic clicks. When you have other businesses linking to yours, it creates a broader audience. The Lead Elephant team is very talented in building quality relatable content for your current and future clients.

SEO and E-commerce

If you have a shop set up on your website, you’ll want your SEO focus to continue beyond the blogs and the about page. Each product page should be used as its searchable page. When your product description isn’t optimized for search engines, it becomes invisible. When someone looks for your perfect product, they’re likely to see Amazon or eBay because they hire and retain skilled SEO professionals to write their listings.

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Lead Elephant SEO in Beaverton, OR

Hiring a company like Lead Elephante ensures your website puts the best content under Google and Bing’s scrutiny. You want your business to appear on the first page of those millions of searches. Search Engine Optimization is the most budget-friendly and beneficial long term option for most companies. 

Give us a call, or drop us a line to discuss your business and how we can best serve you through our SEO professionals. Our team is proud of our ever-evolving SEO knowledge and our raw writing talent. We will match you with a marketing writer that understands your needs. They are ready to put in the research to ensure your website is littered with quality keywords in the best places to bring value. 

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