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Understanding Google Ads

 Google Ads are the flipside of the SEO coin. When you create an ad, submit it to Google and then pay for every click through to your site, this is a Pay Per Click campaign (PPC). Google makes a significant portion of its revenue through PPC campaigns. When you’re surfing the web and find an ad in the side banner from a company that sells a product you mentioned on your last Facebook post, you see Google Ads at work. 

PPC Algorithms

While search algorithms are used with SEO, other coding is used to track your mentions in different platforms to suggest useful products and services. While it’s startling to see something that’s been mentioned in passing, paid Google ads are meant to make your life easier. Your online presence is always being tracked to find out what you want or need. 

You can also pay Google to show your site links at the top of the page, labeled as “ads” or “featured content.” Making the most of this opportunity takes a professional marketer’s eye and knowledge of marketing psychology. 


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Compelling Content

To see results from an ad campaign on Google, you’ll need to ensure your ad is visually appealing and has a compelling call to action. You’ll need to give viewers a reason to click through to your site, and further, a way to convert to a customer. 

Good photography, inviting content, and adequate information is vital to the success of your campaign. Further, you need to provide a quality landing page to bring click-throughs to. A viewer will spend about 3-5 seconds on a landing page. Burdening them with an explosion of information is going to send them away before seeing what you have to offer.

You’ve got to give your viewers a reason to stay. Combining an ad image that encourages them to click, a landing page with an efficient lead capture form and valuable content means they’ll stick around and visit again.  

Pay Per Click Management Services

With The Lead Elephant team, you’ll get professional PPC campaign management, help to design and implement your marketing vision through attractive ads and SEO. We are a Beaverton, OR, based PPC management and marketing company. This work is our passion and we’re eager to start working with you to bring your marketing vision to life. 

Google Ads marketing can be a daunting investment for your business. That’s why it is so critical that the content you put out in your campaign is top-shelf quality. Lead Elephant will help you design ad campaigns that will be usable over and over. This will lead to successful click-through, lead capture, and conversions through the sales funnel.

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The Importance of Lead Capture 

Paid ads are the 2nd best investment for lead capture, behind organic traffic. With an efficient lead capture system, you’re able to collect necessary information from your visitors, and later email them with new blog posts, sales, events, and other valuable information. 

Lead capture is the full part of your sales funnel. It’s where you can put yourself at the top of your reader’s mind, and remind them that you offer a product or service that supports their needs and solves a problem. 

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