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The Full Digital Marketing Package

Why Do I Need It?

It’s 2020, and your business needs a website to survive. However, your business needs an online presence, not just a website. You require an online identity that showcases everything you have to offer, as well as a website that puts in the work for you. A website that drives traffic converts visitors, and brings your business the kind of revenue that is worth its salt in today’s online marketplace. 

Marketing agencies are your best choice for making the web a useful resource for you and your business. Lead Elephante will dive into your business needs feet first. For Beaverton digital marketing agencies, Lead Elephante is the only place you need to go.  

We recognize the importance of organic leads, paid leads, search engine optimization (SEO), lead capture and conversion, pay per click management, website design, and more. Better than recognition, we understand how to make the most of these critical components.


Multi-facet Marketing Services

It’s easy to underestimate the importance of a multi-faceted marketing plan. There are Many details that can go into the process, as well as many opportunities to miss something that will impact your business. With a full-service marketing company, we have systems in place to ensure nothing is lost when you build your marketing game plan. 

Our experience and network of experts means that you and your business will get the most up to date treatment for your website. A thorough examination if you already have a current site or a complete build of a brand new site. We utilize the latest Google requirements to ensure that your site is visible and productive. 


Our Digital Marketing Services

Website Design

We build your website with the best CRM platform out there, WordPress. It offers so many options to create the best experience for your customers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our team capitalizes on all the best tools out there to out rank your competitors on google. This is the key to standing out in your industry.

Google Ads Marketing (SEM)

Let us get your website in the top ranks with Pay Per Click options and optimize your ad campaign to get the conversion rates above average.

Social Media Advertising

Diversify your business with these platforms to optimize the amount of eyes that will see your business.

Free Website Comparison

One of our SEO experts breaks down and shows exactly how your competitors are out ranking you online.

How Do You Compare To Your Competition?

Have one of our SEO experts show you where you stand!

The Lead Elephante Family

When you work with the Lead Elephante team, you’re more than just a client. You become a part of the family. We have a wide variety of skills to work with, and that means that no matter what your business needs, we’ve got a family member to take care of you. We value our customers and strive to provide services that exceed expectations, bringing you back over and over for each new project.

We’re with you for the whole process, not just for a single project. We strive to create an experience that you feel confident recommending to your friends, family, and colleagues. Our diversity of services and quality of the completed product is unparalleled.

“Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people.” – Steve Jobs.

Portland Metro Proud

Located in the Portland Metro area, we call the beautiful Pacific Northwest our home. We do, however, work with clients worldwide. The Lead Elephante Digital Marketing company is eager to work with you on your next marketing or web design project. Whether you’re located in the Beaverton area like us, or are located across the country, we’re happy to help. 

Our proximity to large companies like Nike, Intel, Adidas, and similar brands means that we are shoulder to shoulder with some of the most notable marketing teams in the world. We grow and learn from our peers and work hard to gain traction for your business. Our home is in the Pacific Northwest, so we have contacts and connections to the tech world that we wouldn’t have otherwise. We are proud to work so closely with tech giants and our peers at Google headquarters that aren’t so far away. 

Working Together Is Easy.

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Get your FREE website comparison with one of our experts who will demonstrate how you can out-perform your competiton.

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Boost Your Business

This is the best part - Sit back and watch your business skyrocket and grow like never before while you get to focus on what you do best.

One of our SEO experts will show you what is keeping you from standing out from your local competition.

website design

WordPress Web Design

WordPress is a platform that allows for almost infinite customizations for your business needs. However, it’s a system that can be overwhelming to most people to design in. In addition to our knowledge regarding lead generation and SEO, we have years of experience working with the multitude of options that WordPress offers. Between premade elements and scratch HTML coding for the perfect details, we’ve got your site covered with the best features available. 

Lead Elephante’s experience in WordPress means we can help you set up your best website for your business, offering lead capture, education, e-commerce, and maintenance, among other options. Quality WordPress design and utilization are the backbones of your business’ marketing plan. Everything else is building blocks to success.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is just a fancy way of saying you need keywords that catch Google’s attention. At Lead Elephante, we study every new release of Google’s algorithms to understand what will keep your business on the top of the first page. We research keywords that will keep you on Google’s radar. 

We don’t scatter keywords like confetti; we strategically insert golden keywords into quality organic traffic content. Organic traffic reduces your costs by putting your content in front of your eyes naturally instead of through sponsored ads. SEO includes building a network of backlinks to pull traffic from related sites to yours.

Search Engine Optimization Magnifying Glass
Google Ads Marketing

Google Ads Marketing

Google ads come into play when you need more traffic than your organic content is creating. This is where you utilize your Pay Per Click options. Google ads allow you to pay to get your link in the featured results. You will pay for every click through to your website, regardless of conversion. If you choose this option for your business, Lead Elephante can help you ensure that your conversion rates are above average. 

With paid ads, you need to do more than throw money at the situation; you need to create ads that compel the viewer to click on them. Lead Elephante designs and cultivates ad campaigns for your business that drive click-throughs into a productive lead capture funnel. We can help you build the lead capture funnel that works best with your business model.

Social Media Marketing 

People have social media accounts at their fingertips 24 hours a day. They scroll through their news feed when they’re waiting in line, when they should be working, and when they should be sleeping. 

More time is spent on social media than almost any other activity for most people. Your business needs to find a place on this platform if you’re going to diversify your audience. Lead Elephante can help you make the most out of every ad on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. 

social media marketing

Lead Elephante Consultation

Contact us today for a free consultation. We’ll run a full assessment of your current website (if you have one) and formulate a plan of action. Our goal is to help you change the way you do business online, bringing you the best customers the web offers. 

Bring your ideas to the table, and we can discuss how to accomplish them. We love a challenge and want to help you make your business vision a reality. Working with your vision, we will do our best to build a marketing plan that benefits you while staying within your marketing budget. 

Digital marketing is the way of the world, and with more people than ever before shopping for products and services online, you don’t want to be left in the dust. Let Lead Elephant can help  bring your business to the forefront. 

We look forward to working with you soon. In the meantime, take a moment to look into our services a little deeper, and review some of the work we’ve already done for happy clients. Our results speak louder than we ever could. Review some of our past work, and give us a call.